Sunday, 6 November 2016

Colors of Love

Let us reach deep in our heart,
and then the painting will start
in the colors of love, kindness and peace;
not one single soul, entering our place
will miss out the warmth and bliss
upon the sight of colors like this

You may choose to believe it or not:
in no place, the painting will stop.
Our whole house will be colored the same;
our street, village, and soon our whole state
Hues of love and kindness ‘ll glow everywhere
And no, the painting will not stop there

It 'll go on 'til the whole land is covered in love
Kindness in front, from behind, below and above
All my brothers and sisters 'll use their brush
painting colors so adorable, vibrant and lush.
Until all children in our whole world wide
Will enjoy love's bliss and kindness' light

Let us all take up our biggest brush today
And start painting the world, right away.

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