Monday, 3 November 2014

Reflection 136 (praise)


Many of us think we have to praise our God because our God will be angry if we do not.
What a mistake, do we think we are so great, we can make our God angry?

But still it is so good to praise our God
Not because God is vain and will bask in glory while being praised
God is not like human kings or sultans who demand and thrive on protocol

We were given prayer as a gift, as a present.
Praying and praising our Creator  sincerely from the heart
elevates our heart and brings our soul a bit closer to Him.
Praising our God is something that brings us peace of mind
Peace at heart, peace of soul.

It puts us in a state of gratefulness, thankfulness,
A thankful heart is a gift.
A gift from our God to us

Try to say sincerely thanks and see if it ever can make you feel bad?
Not so, it is truly a wonderful gift.
If we understand this, praying will never again be a sacrifice
It will be just delight, a present, a gift.
Not a gift from us to God,
A gift from God to us.
A pleasure, a joy
A pure delight

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