Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Reflection 141 (aim)

Focus on aim

(inspired by R. Sharma's the monk who sold his ferrari)

I like the part of Alice in Wonderland where Alice asks the rabbit which way she should go. The rabbit responded that it depended on where she wanted to go. When Alice said she did not know where to go, the rabbit responded that then it did not matter which way she would take.

If we have no aim in our life, we may just drive around in circles and 10 years from now, we may be at exactly the same level of achievement that we are now.

So important to take on and of some time and think about our aim in the short term, medium long term and long term. Best to write it down. Why to write it down?
1. It will allow us to get focused
Think about a few rays of sunlight. If not focused they give a little bit of warmth.
If focused through a magnifying glass: can light up a flame
Focus can convert our aim in to small flame that may give us light and warmth
2. If we  write down and read our aim, it will tell our subconscious mind that this thought is more important than the other 59 999 thoughts we think in a day.

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