Friday, 7 November 2014

Reflection 138 (fear)

`Today I read a religious magazine.
It had an article about women going to hell
There were plenty of articles about sin

How do all these writers know so much about who will go to hell and who not?
As a matter of fact they do not know at all.
They are just threatening people with something completely beyond their knowledge.
They try to instill fear and as such try to control the minds of followers
while love for our Creator is what encompasses the essentials of our religion.

This "If-you-do-not-follow-what-I-believe,-I-can-guarantee-you-hell" mentality is so desperately outdated and completely narrow minded. It is blocking any progress in spirituality or thinking or emotion or anything else not only for the one claiming this nonsensical statements themselves but for every unwitting follower they may have inadvertently gathered.

Let us leave as far as possible this abominable mentality as soon as we can for ever and ever and ever.

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