Sunday, 16 November 2014

Reflection 145 (understanding mercy)

Understanding mercy

There was a man in Napoleon's army who had done something so terrible, that it  was worthy of death. The day before he was scheduled to appear before the firing squad, the mother of the man went to see Napoleon, to ask for mercy. Napoleon replied that her son did not deserve mercy. 
The mother replied that she knew that. If he deserved mercy it would not be mercy.

The above story was adapted from Alice Gray's book, stories for the heart. and under it she had the following quote from an anonymous author:

Some of God's attributes are too wonderful to understand
but even if they remain darkness to the intellect
let them be sunshine to your soul.

After reading this, I got this very warm feeling deep inside my heart.
I was thinking of the mercy of God,
I hope you experienced something like that too.

Love and mercy and lots of peace to you.

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