Friday, 21 November 2014

Reflection 146 (complex)

Life is so complex. Science is really complex.
And then there are the people;
the people who are really complex themselves,
but they like, oh, so much to compartmentalize

I am working for a university
and there are the grants for knowledge transfer
and there are the grants for community engagement
and there are the grants for research

Each of course have their own merits and limits. But the sad thing about this is: some of the people controlling the grants want to recipient of the grants only to address the scope within their own field

I think it is quite essential for everyone to see that if we want to embark on any of the above, we have to embark on all three. Based on that we could ask the recipients of the grants to have the main focus on one or the other but not to have the ONLY focus on that. People who manage to integrate the three (knowledge transfer, community engagement AND research) can deliver results for the community not just 1+1+1= 3 but1+1+1, making three hundred.

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