Saturday, 29 November 2014

Reflection 148 (caring society)

Caring Society

Today I really felt taken care off by a person I don't know very well.
It went like this:

The battery of my car broke down. Luckily there were some friends around who immediately helped me to connect the starting cables to the battery of another car and my car was soon running. That was nice and caring but "the cream on the cake" had yet to come. I asked around where there was a shop in the neighbourhood at which I could find a new battery as we had to go to another place about 1 hour away. I was given some real good advice. I went on the way and about half an hour later I get a call from a female friend. Her husband was wondering whether we had found a battery shop to replace our battery. Now that call really touched my heart.

I felt the man and the friend were really caring for us. It are these small attentions that are really on the increase and that make me firmly believe that our society heading in the right direction. We ARE moving towards a CARING SOCIETY. And that will be so nice to live in.

I rejoice whenever I think about the future. !

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