Saturday, 22 November 2014

Reflection 147 (kaizen)


Kaizen means small incremental improvements.
It is amazing how much has been achieved throughout history and throughout a variety of areas with small incremental improvements. This morning I read an amazing story.

In a residential area, the residents were asked to put a small poster with the message, please drive safely, in the left lower corner of one the windows at the front of their house. Almost all residents agreed. Two weeks later they were asked whether they would agree to put up a billboard in front of their property with a similar message but this time the billboard was quite huge and not very attractive. More than 70% agreed. In another residential area no small posters were used but people were asked from the beginning about the billboard. Less than 30% agreed.

I think in our personal life, at our workplace, if we want to make a positive change, it may be worth to start rather small. 

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