Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A bit of love

A bit of love in my heart
moves and increases the beat

That bit of love sits there
and makes me roving

a rainbow on a dark cloud
a firefly in a dark, dark night
a spot of red on black and white pic
a moment of silence in the middle of a thunderbolt
a small piece of silk woven into a large cloth of burlap 

A bit of love sitting 
inside my heart

part of me wants to keep it
to guard it with all my might

part of me wants to give it away,
give away for free to anyone I see 
'cause that part knows that whatever we give
is a pure gain to the soul

'cause that part knows
about that wonderful piece of magic:
by giving away a bit of that bit of love,
the bit will grow so fast, so furious
that it won't be a bit anymore

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