Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Give me poems,
Give me more poems,

Give me not the poems of sadness
Not the heart broken ones of egocentric lovers
Not the complaining ones

Give me the poems that inspire
The poems that give us all hope
Hope for a better world

Give me the poems that encourage
encourage us all to to seek truth
to live truth, to love truth, to be truth

Give me the poems that exude love
love and kindness and friendliness
not childishness but child-likeness

Give the poems that touch on the impossible
and use fantastic images to create picture of compassion
sweet feelings boiling in a soft heart

Give the poems full of soul
Give me poems
Give poems

Here is one for you:


A billion metric tons of friendliness
sit in the heart of everyone on earth
An inexhaustible sea of kindness
Resides in our hearts since birth

Why only milligrams, we use,
a few droplets at a time?
There is really nothing to lose
If we let what's in our heart just shine.

Stinginess with water from a sea?
Stinginess with metric tons from that heart of thee?
Let's set all that friendliness, all that kindness free
Let's shower a bucket full on friend and foe, why shouldn't we?

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