Wednesday, 18 May 2016


I wrote the small piece below a few years back.
The longer and the more I dream of a world full of kindness,
the more certain I become that a world like this will become a reality soon.
So, yes, yes, yes, a firm YES

A Firm Yes

In a wonderful cartoon, i had the pleasure to read:
A lonely person stood on the corner of the street
He was pulled to one side by a good-hearted soul
He was pulled to another side by a good-hearted soul
Each wanted to invite him for dinner, a good deed

Could it ever be, that there is a lack of lonely people in the world?
Will it ever happen that more people want to invite lonely people
than there are lonely people?

I 'd answer with a firm YES
'cause we are living in a spiritual world
and more spiritual it becomes!

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