Friday, 13 May 2016


Today I went with my son, Johan, and two of his friends to Bukit Keluang.
I think I have written before about the magic of that place,
where there is a stony hill right on the beach with several caves.

We had a walk on the beach, between the rocks, over the rocks,
on the rocks and again in the sand and took some amazing pics.
The boys took numerous selfies.

We rested a while, and before returning we had some Kerupuk, fish crackers,
freshly fried and fish balls with a drink in a road side café.

And it was nice
And it was nice
And it was nice

If your children are with you,
make an outing with them today
If your parents are around
make an outing with them today
If this is impossible,
make an outing with an auntie
If that is impossible,
the old folks home has lots of wonderful aunties
If you cannot do it today,
fix it for tomorrow or at the very latest next weekend
Please not later than next weekend
Fix the date today.

You will enjoy it
The other person will enjoy it
and the world will be different,

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