Friday, 20 May 2016

You and me and him and her

You and me and him and her
Each of us may follow another religion or be an atheist
and all of us are yet close friends

You and me and him and her
Each of us may be so different
and yet we work together in harmony

You and me and him and her
Each of us have different opinions
and yet we talk together so much

Let us shun the wicked people
shouting that anyone who differs from them
will burn in hell as infidel

These wicked guys know nothing
nothing about the Over-Soul creating this world
Grace and love and forgiveness they know not.

So stop letting anyone scare you with hell
threats to hell are the tools of the unispired teacher
threats to hell reflect only arrogance of the preacher

Many of us believe death is nothing final.
And to me, that is likely to be very true

but then what happens after death,
the only thing that's certain:
No preacher, no teacher will have single say.

Teachers and preachers are supposed to  inspire
Gain followers by inspiring others

Teachers and preachers are not supposed
to claim knowledge they do not have
and scare potential followers with hell

The ones who cannot inspire people
use threats instead
but they do not deserve our ear.

Just my honest opinion about the preachers of doom
(feel most free to disagree)

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