Friday, 20 May 2016

The world is our country

I read recently the following piece by the late William Lloyd Garrison 
(19th century famous champion of the emancipation of black people) 

"We do not acknowledge allegiance to any human government.  We
   recognize but one King and Lawgiver, one Judge and Ruler of
   mankind.  Our country is the world, our countrymen are all
   mankind.  We love the land of our nativity only as we love all
   other lands.  The interests and rights of American citizens are
   not dearer to us than those of the whole human race.  Hence we
   can allow no appeal to patriotism to revenge any national
   insult or injury..."

I enjoyed so much the beauty in this text that i want to share it here with you.
I tend to agree very much that all borders of nations are so artificial and unnatural.
If we believe there is one God, why not believe the whole world is just one land.
The concept may seem hard to swallow at this time but
as any lofty ideal, if it is kept in front of the eyes of 
enough people for long enough it may come about. 

Slavery has been abolished in many parts of the world.
May have seemed impossible few centuries ago
Women have been emancipated 
May have seemed impossible few centuries ago
Hopefully soon we can say:
"The world has become borderless"
"May have seemed impossible ten years ago"   

What now seems impossible may become reality 
if enough champions keep the ideals of a unified world 
very much alive...
and how about enjoying this:
 "He who attacks  another and injures him, kindles in the other
a feeling of hatred, the root of every evil.  To injure another 
because he has injured us, even with the aim of overcoming evil,
is doubling the harm for him and for oneself; it is begetting, or
at least setting free and inciting, that evil spirit which we
should wish to drive out.  Error can never be corrected by error, 
and evil cannot be vanquished by evil."

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