Thursday, 5 May 2016


Remembering what is most important in life can help your day be a lot brighter.
Today I went on an outing my son to a nearby exotic coral island.
The weather was bright and the day started well.

Along the day, there tend to be always some small imperfections.
I almost fell in the temptation to let these small things spoil our outing.
Luckily I remembered what was most important to me today:
to have a nice outing with my son and enjoy each other's company maximally.
I managed to swallow or spit out whatever what not so perfect
and taste the full enjoyment of an outing with my son.

Life can be beautiful
It is easy to let it be spoiled by small things
With a bit of wisdom, we can maintain the beauty of it all.

Enjoy the beauty, while it is around.

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