Saturday, 21 May 2016

Wild dreams

I think all of us have wild dreams.
Dreams that seem impossible to realise
Too many of us perhaps give up our wild dreams much too soon.

It may be well worth to retrieve our wild dreams from the past.
Blow some life in them
Let them become our passion
and soon see them become reality...

:)    :)   :)    :)


Was thinking a bit more about dreams
When I was 12 years old I was dreaming of going to work in Africa
When I was 16 I saw a documentary about a Belgian doctor working in the south of Thailand.
I thought, wow, perhaps that would be still better than Africa.
Now I am working about 30 km from the border of SouthernThailand in Malaysia.
The place where I work has been conducive to allow fulfillment of many of my teenage dreams.
Dreams fulfilled, give rise to new and bigger dreams.
My dreams now are bigger than ever.

I think all of us have to keep on dreaming
Keep dreaming big and big things will happen.

:)    :)    :)     :)

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