Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Reflection 93 (long time)

Masa Panjang

This is the Malaysian language equivalent for a long time
Our thoughts have to be long term (at least some of them)

We do live in the present and actually whether or not we are happy in our lives depends on whether we manage to be happy in the present. So in one way, all that matters is now.

But if what we do now has a negative impact on our future, our future nows will not be happy nows and our life will not be happy. So, yes long term thinking has a definite place in our lives as well.
The younger we are, the more important and the bigger the effect of what we learn and labor now on our future.

So we need to have enough wisdom to look at all positives, present in our 'now' and enjoy and be grateful for all these positives, but at the same time we have to be industrious and clever enough not to neglect to make a good future for us to become a likely event. We never have any certainty about anything but we can plan and the better our planning the better our chances to be enjoy a comfortable and happy future as well. Quite often we need sacrifices for the future and if we succeed in these sacrifices these often become the sweet successes in our life.

You may wonder what I am writing here, but just now I was talking to my son. He tends to take a very short term approach. Without taking away a good sense of the present, we have to teach our children also to plan for the future.

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