Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Reflection 92 (dissatisfation or grace)

Dissatisfaction or grace, a choice that is ours.

If we look deep inside of ourselves, we find an ego and a soul
The more we listen to our ego, the more we get dissatisfied with our surroundings
The more we listen to our soul, the more we become grateful for all the wonders around us

If we are aware of our soul's, our conscience's presence most of the time, we can create often enough a bit of silence to listen to their whispering voices. We do not have to do away with ego, that would be superhuman. We can let our ego be guided by our soul. Our soul will guide us invariably to a higher level of awareness and peace of mind.

Ego tends to look down on things and people, Soul tends to look up. Let us see as often as possible both perspectives but choose grace over dissatisfaction


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  2. Surely, I will be happy if this post is shared
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