Thursday, 7 August 2014

Reflection 90 (on love - again)

Isn't there enough hatred in the world? What can still be written on hatred?
On love

Isn't there enough greed in the world? What can still be written on greed?
Is there enough love in the world? Almost everything needs still to be written on love.

Can we love a beautiful person?
Can we love an ugly person?
Can we love a sports champion?
Can we love a man without limbs?
Can we love a tetraplegic?

Of course it is easy to love beautiful person or athletes
How about the ugly persons or the persons with disability?
We can still love them, perhaps not in the same way
But we will not hate them because of their disability
We can love them and our love will result in compassion,
in feeling together with them

If the above seems a bit difficult, let us make it really difficult in the next paragraph:

Can we love the Palestinians?
Can we love the Palestinians, even those who fire rockets?
Can we love the Israelis? Those who drop the bombs?
Can we love the Zionist standing there laughing at explosions?

Most of us will answer with a few no's at least.
When it comes to wicked people, love seems to have no place.
We chose hatred instead

And yet wicked people are crippled in much worse way then any physically disabled person.
Wicked people have lost their capability of being human.
Those laughing at explosions on civilian targets have lost the capabiity to think
to feel human emotion, to feel compassion. Is that not the worst possible crippling disability that one can be struck with? Wicked people are really the worst of among any of us.
Shall we choose to hate them or shall we feel an immense pity for such extremely poverty laden souls
This is difficult and if we still choose to hate that is a perfectly human reaction
Giving in to hatred however does not contribute too much to a solution
If we remember how people like Ghandi could make colonialist withdraw without blood shed.
We cannot be silent, we have to oppose wickedness, but can we do it without hatred in our hearts?

I know it is difficult but if we look deep in our hearts and consciousness, hatred tends never to feel right.

Before writing this, I was quite convinced of the points I try to make but while writing some doubt crept in.

Anyhow, if we cannot avoid hatred for the extremely wicked people,
we must be able to avoid it for or neighbor who talks behind our back
for our colleague who does something we don't like, for our family member who is greedy, for any of the people we live with whom we don't like. We can continue not liking them but instead of hatred develop an attitude of compassion for their personality twist. (????)

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