Saturday, 2 August 2014

Reflection 87 (unstoppable caring community)

Good ideas are unstoppable. 

The current good idea is to replace blind capitalism based on greed with a caring society based on kindness.

Many of my friends cannot believe this is possible even though deep in their heart they long for a caring society more than anything else. The escalation of violence in Gaza, in Ukraine, in Syria, and the Wall street gurus cheating more than ever to amass trillions of dollars while hunger rages on, makes them disbelievers. Crooks get in the news, corrupt politicians reign.

And yet if the time for an idea has come, nothing can stop it.

How many slaves could believe that slavery would soon be something of the past
How many women believed that they would have equal rights in many parts of the world
Other ideas that had come and were unstoppable include the non-smoking in pubic areas, anti segregation, apartheid and so many more.

We can see so many signs in the social media that a very fast growing strong community is condemning violence, praising random kindness. Peace ideas are snowballing. The days of corrupt politicians are counted. The days of Extremist Jews, Extremist Christians and Extremist Muslims are counted. We ARE moving towards a caring society. Hunger WILL be eradicated. Kindness IS on its way to become the major value in our society.

Please keep believing.

Good ideas are unstoppable and the idea of a caring loving society based on kindness is an idea whose time has come!!!

(This reflection is highly inspired by a book titled inspiration by W. Dyer)

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