Friday, 22 August 2014

Reflection 97 (struggle)


Many times we experience this life as a struggle
and quite often a struggle it is.

We come into life and already we start to feel huger pangs, making us cry or scream
Luckily our parents were equipped with lots of love and responded to our needs promptly

We grow up and learn to explore. We explore the world
We hurt ourselves, we are unhappy about the things that are forbidden by our loving parents
We have to struggle for attention. All too often we get negative attention. Our siblings, our friends, we struggle with them.

The better we prepare ourselves to struggle, the more victories we can book Ego feels good about any victory. But deep inside there sits a conscience and a soul. Our soul and conscience does not feel good about every of our victories. If we have victories at a dire cost for others, the compassionate self of us, deep in our heart feels not too good about it. We manage to ignore it for a while but in the process we store this piece of info in our subconscious mind and it may come back

As a matter of fact if we think deeply about ourselves, it is possible to give up so many of the struggles. If we think for awhile what is it that really, REALLY matters in life, many of our struggles may be foregone

I think most of us would put happiness very much in front of a list of what is really important.
If we want to obtain happiness through power, we need to struggle
If we want to obtain happiness through wealth, we need to struggle

I think the recent suicide death of actor Robin Williams, has shocked the world
Here was an extremely wealthy successful actor and still he got so depressed, to the worst possible level of depression.

If we would all be just a little more knowledgeable about how we function and about what brings us real happiness and peace of mind, so many struggles could be avoided.

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