Saturday, 23 August 2014

Reflection 98 (entering the boat)

Entering the boat

There is this famous story about the man who was caught in a flood.

When the water reached his waist level, a jeep came by and asked him to enter.
He thanked the driver but said that God would come and save him
When the water had forced him to be on the first floor of the house a boat came by
He was asked to enter but refused for the same reason.
When he was standing on the top of his roof, a helicopter came by but again he refused to enter
Finally he drowned and appeared in front of God. He was a bit upset and claimed that his strong belief had remained unanswered. God's reply was: I sent you a jeep, a boat and a helicopter but you did not want to enter. 

This sounds like a clever story but there is so much to it.
How many times we pray to our Creator for love, peace, patience and strength.
We expect a miraculous event to happen, giving us these things.
But all love, peace and patience can be found just around us.
Like fish are swimming in water, we are bathing in the love of the Universe, in the peace of God.
All we have to do is open up, tune in.

All we have to do is make our ego a bit quiet
Look deep in our conscience, our soul, that small flame of unextinguishable light iside
Feel the goodness around us, open up and tune in again and
step in the boat that will save us from drowning in another bout of anger
of suffering another bout of frustration of engaging in another fight.

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