Thursday, 21 August 2014

Reflection 96 (so much more)

When I walk on the grass
When I walk on the sand 
and feel the millions of blades of grass
and feel the trillions of grains of sand
under my bare feet
I wonder
So much more

I wonder
about the grass, how did get that cool
about the sand, how did it get so hot

I wonder
about the grass, how did it grow so green
about the sand, why are its grains so small

the grass at night
with the moon's light
So pleasing

the sand during day
with the bright sun's rays
So pleasing

I love the grass, I love the sand
but much more still
I do love you, my fellow human being

I love each moment of harmony
between two persons
I love each little kindness
between two people

I love the grass and sand
But so much more,
I do love you

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