Thursday, 14 August 2014

Reflection 94 (wow)


This afternoon I met with a group of nurses and caretakers involved in a recently started project of home nurse care to the poor.

I heard one story that truly had a deep impression on me. All i still can say is Wow! Fantastic.

Here is her true story:

A nurse told about the frustration she had experienced when she visited a family with a person who was in dire need of palliative care but she was not welcomed to deliver this care. The family was very strongly believing in traditional healing methods and thought she was just sent by the hospital to deliver more painful treatments to the patient. She talked nicely to the family expressed her sincere intentions and gradually she was allowed to take care of the bed sores of the patient and in the end her work was very much appreciated by the family. 

When asked how she had achieved this remarkable success, she mentioned that she got the motivation from the knowledge that this work she was doing was blessed by our Creator. She was confident that our Creator would show the way to her and the family if it was meant to be that she should alleviate the suffering of the patient. 

And this was just one of the many fantastic things I have heard this afternoon.
I got really convinced that we have a group of superb people who will make this project of home care (YOKUK- Sayang home care) a huge success.

I thank our Creator so much for bringing together such a group of enthusiastic talented people.

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