Saturday, 9 August 2014

Reflection 91 (chocolate)


This morning I attended a "ceramah" by one of my good friends and a story about 40 year old man and his 4 year old son was told. They went to visit the grandmother and as usual the grandmother had one bowl of chocolates and one plate of fruits. The child went straight for the chocolates and the father encouraged the child to eat the fruits. Then he compared the material wealth to the chocolates and the fruits so spiritual wealth.

I like the comparison. Big house, big cars, huge bank accounts, just like chocolates: sweet but we never get really filled by them, we cannot build a healthy body if we only focus on them. It is nice to have some chocolates but without the fruits life tends to be not fulfilling and prone to disease. Likewise mentally if we only focus on material wealth we tend never to be really satisfied, never to have real peace of mind; while if we focus on spiritual wealth, we will experience a much happier, healthier , more peaceful state of mind leading to satisfaction. Real success in life is more related to have a good spiritual life than to have merely material wealth.

Not only the similarity between the chocolates and material wealth was so nice and striking but also the age of the child versus the adult. Those who focus only on material wealth certainly are not too mature. It requires a certain level of maturity to obtain the true appetite for spiritual wealth as well.

Altogether a great story. I am happy to share it and many thanks to my good friend, Suhaimi Wahab. 

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