Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A matter of focus

I just heard in a whatsapp video an amazing story.
I think it is such a good story, that I want to share it:

A worker comes out of the factory.
He pushes a wheelbarrow with a small package in it.
The security guard stops him and says:
What is in your wheelbarrow?
The man answers 'a box'.
The guard: I can see that this is a box. What is in the box?
The worker: Sawdust. The sawdust is swept from the floor and thrown away. I need some sawdust, so I want to bring it home in this box.
The guard: Well, open the box.
True enough the box was full with sawdust and the guard lets the man go home.

Exactly the same thing happens on the second day
Exactly the same thing happens on the third and fourth day.
On the fifth day. the man pushes again his wheelbarrow with a small package in it.
The guard asks the same questions and finds again that the box is full of sawdust.
The guard says to the man: 'I have this very strong feeling that you are stealing something. But I don't know what. I promise not to report you, but please tell me what you are stealing. '
The worker responds: I am stealing wheelbarrows.

Sometimes we get so focused on the small things, that we completely miss the bigger picture :)

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