Friday, 5 February 2016


A wave is to the ocean
as a human is to God.
(heard in a talk by M. Beckwith)

I think this illustrates so nicely the principle of unity.
We all belong to and are intrinsically connected to God and to each other.
If there is no ocean, there are no waves.
If one wave changes direction, it will interfere with all other waves
If the wave after a long journey breaks on the shore, it goes back to the ocean.

One small poem:

Tears Of A Wave - Poem by Aufie Zophy

In a big ocean, not far from the shore
A small wave couldn’t take it anymore
It broke out in panicky tears
Another wave inquired about the worst of its fears

'All waves are breaking on the coast line
We are so near, it is no longer fine.
What is about to happen is awful, can’t you see?
Soon, nothing will be left of us, nothing of me.'

The answer of the companion was this:
'My dear friend, you seem not to know what reality is.
We are just a part of the ocean and forever we will be
Realising this you should not worry for you or for me.'

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