Friday, 26 February 2016

Silence 1.01


Contemplation, searching for my soul 
Silence encompassing all 
Alone but not in solitude 
Silence giving fortitude 

My ego-thoughts trying to prop up 
Silence makes them stop 
Soul is what I’m searching for 
Silence, silence I adore 

Connecting to my soul 
Silence winning after all 
Thoughts connect with high above 
Silence fills my soul with love 

Conscience conquering my mind 
Silence makes it look so kind 
Soul and conscience hand in hand 
Silent wish to never end 

Grateful heart joins in 
Silence makes it all akin 
Thanking God for this silent contemplation 
Thanks for silence, thanks again

Aufie Zophy
Above is perhaps one of my ten best poems. I had written it and a few weeks later I found that a therapist from New York had put it up on her website. Initially I was a bit confused if this was to be called plagiarism or not. She had not contacted me, not asked my permission. On the other hand she had put the author name, I use, under the poem of Aufie Zophy. 
I made up my mind to not put any copyright on whatever I publish online. I think we get ideas and talents from our Creator to be shared with the whole world. What is created in our mind, is not solely ours, it still belongs to our Creator and is there to be shared with each and everybody. So, I decided to be proud instead of upset about anyone sharing poems on their website written by Aufie Zophy (me). If I now google 'Aufie Zophy' on the web, I find more than 600 websites that have used my poems. Somehow it makes me happy even though the vast majority never sought permission to share these poems. I think the warmest feeling I got when I read a website that related about an event with children who recited one of my poems on peace and considered as one of the highlights of the event. :) . Some poems have been put on music :)
The above poem is written in 2010, the year I started to write poems in English and put them up on the website PoemHunter. I have received quite a number of good comments about this particular poem and I still like it as a poem among my 10 best. In the mean time I have written and published on PoemHunter about 220 poems (or sometimes I prefer to call them attempts at poetry, rather than poems). Please visit the website to read more of them: (simple and safe link)

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