Saturday, 6 February 2016

Building on blocks of old

Did you know that Zeno of Citium more than 200 years BC founded the stoicism.
A philosophy with a strong belief in virtue and contemplation
Did you know that around the same time Pyrrho founded Pyrrhonims, one of the foundations of skepticism, a stream in philosophy that stressed the uncertainty of everything.
In the sixth century, an emperor ordered the closing of all "pagan" philosophical schools since there were perceived at odds with Christian doctrine.
How many of us have tried to read the republic of Plato and some of the wisdom of Socrates?
A lot of thoughts and arguments have been brought forward by these intellectuals of more than 2000 years ago. A rich culture of philosophy. 

Sometimes I wonder how our world would be different from how it is now, if our schools would replace two hours of teaching history or add maths or other subjects with the philosophy of Plato?

The greed of the business men blinded by money and luxury
The vice of politicians and bankers throughout the world
The ignorance of lawyers and sometimes doctors alike...
Would all of the above have been softened if our educational system would pay a bit more attention to wisdom and a bit less to some of the absurdly glorified history of our individual nations winning absurd battles through the most atrocious of atrocities.

I somehow believe that the teaching of philosophy and all the thoughts and opinions that have originated from deep thinkers of old times  could benefit our youth. It could stimulate them to search for truth in this world of materialism. How did we become so materialistic? How many people search sincerely for truth and experience some ecstatic joy if they discover a certain wise axiom? How many of us are enthusiastic truth seekers?

I personally have found some joy in reading Emerson. His texts are not easy to read. They are heavy but by reading a few pages now and then, my mind has been stimulated to think, to search further. I think his essay, circles really contains some huge wisdom about this seeking of truth. Extremism has tried to contain our natural hunger for expanding our horizons of knowledge and spiritual growth. The most atrocious extremists of the past (I think of Spanish inquisition) and even of the present may have been successful in slowing down the growth of humanity and this world into a world of soul and virtue, but they have never been and will never be able to stop it. 

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