Saturday, 13 February 2016

Rituals and scriptures

Religious teachings can truly inspire
as long as we do not allow the preachers of hatred
to putrefy our loving hearts, 'cause hatred is like toxic waste,
that kills all the magnificent flowers in the garden of the mind.
Hatred, always coming from the ego of the preacher,
never coming from a majestic omnipotent Creator.
Hatred is trying to lure our hearts into condemnation,
misjudgement, arrogance, a false feeling of superiority.

Enjoy religion but do not hate

Rituals can help us to get closer to the Divine
As long as we do not make them a purpose in themselves.
Blindly following rituals, may flood and oxidize the wires of our mind.
Rusty wires may prohibit everyone of us to tune into the music,
into the divine melodies containing fantastic truths
into the roaring cry of nature
to render selfless service to all humans
and to become truly humble.

Enjoy rituals but do not allow an absurd focus on them
to blind or deafen you from the music of God

Holy scriptures are great guides to human life,
As long as we do not allow the books to petrify
into large rocks inside the stomach of our soul.
Large rocks may obstruct all further nurture
from the manna of divine wisdom
from the nectar of unconditional love
that is found throughout human nature
in the spirit of all humanity and the spirit from above.

Holy scriptures, Rituals, Religious teachings
are great tools for humanity to use
As long as they do not become tricks that are abused
to please our ego and silence our soul

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