Saturday, 27 February 2016


Does happiness affect your productivity?

Science says it does.
Shawn Achor at Harvard, has done experiments with children
Four year old children performed twice as fast in a task required thinking
when they were primed by happy thoughts.

Now here comes the real interesting part: an experiment with doctors!
The doctors were given a manuscript based on which they had to make a diagnosis.
Half of them were given a lollipop to make them happy before they were given the task.
And guess what! Yes they arrived at the correct diagnosis twice as fast as the others.

So, please, if you have a spouse who is a doctor,
make them happy before they go to their clinic.
If you have a relative sitting for an exam,
make them happy just before the exam

A simple lollipop may do :)

Here is a link to a video of Shawn in you-tube

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