Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How can I serve

the more we deliver service
to humanity, i.e. to our fellow human beings
the more peace of mind

If we make selfless service
one of our main aims in life,
our life may be full of peace
and happiness

Surely not all of us
actually perhaps none of us,
is always in a situation
where we can serve,
where we can lend a helping hand.
I think all of us go through
times when we are the ones needing help.

Whenever we are in a position that allows us to serve
in a position that allows us to give a helping hand,
we should do so.

If more people would be continuously aware of the
good feelings and the great peace that is brought about
by rendering selfless service,
less people would have to wait a long time to receive the help they need.



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