Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Flowers of kindness

Flowers of kindness

A small flower in the desert of greed
Sheds some fragrance, sheds a seed.
Two little flowers in the desert of need
Each a bit of fragrance, each gives a seed
Four small flowers growing among weed
Fragrance increases, and yet another seed

Flowers, eight and sixteen and soon thirty two
More and more fragrance and more seeds too.
Sixty four, two fifty six, more than a thousand soon
no more place for weed, crumbling greed and needs,
A million flowers each shed fragrance and seeds
The desert of greed and need and weed recedes

Small acts of kindness, the fragrance will spread
Greed and stress, no more; peace of mind instead
Awareness growing, weed by weed reaches death
Equality an illusion, inequality has no solution
as long as we wait for big shots' contribution
What we really need now is a kindness revolution

It won't be the crooks, the ones who now lead the greed
It won't be the sand in the desert that alleviates the need
Small acts of kindness are fragrance and seed
A billion flowers of kindness, it's easy to see.
A true revolution on its way, as fast as can be.
It depends not on presidents, but on you and on me

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