Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The extra step (sonnet)

Every now and then, we feel satisfied
So satisfied with what we feel and do
We have a good heart and are often kind
Occasionally some charity too.

But my God, my good Creator, today
I want to take at least one extra step 
Or an extra mile on that golden way  
Please God help me to run an added lap 

If every day, a few new steps we take
One more small kindness and a loving phrase 
An enormous difference we would make
Towards a better world in many ways

Let’s commit each day to a little more
Soon harmony will reign on every shore

Sonnets are poems of 14 verses with rhymes
each verse contains 10 spoken syllables

I have written three other sonnets (under author name of Aufie Zophy):
My first attempt: The golden key (perhaps the one I still like best)
My second attempt: The song of heaven
My third attempt: The most beautiful poem
I think my first three attempts are more worthy of the name sonnet,
since they contain a bit of a message of romantic love, dedicated to 
my lovely wife, to whom I am married this year for 25 years...


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