Thursday, 18 February 2016

Soooo different.

We were all born with a heart full of love
As babies we were generous with our smiles
People were loving us back

Somehow along the way
we got a few bad experiences
We gave love and our ego somehow got hurt in the process
Our ego got hurt, but not our heart, not our soul.

Our ego told us the huge lie:
Better be stingy with your love
so, I the ego does not get hurt.

Somehow along the way
we got a bit wiser as well.
We try to find soul and heart in most situations
and become a bit less ego dependent

But the big lie of our ego
Better be stingy with your love

NO matter how people react,
if we just decide to share the abundant love in our heart
if we manage to share it and do not care too much if it comes back or not.
It will give us so much soul happiness.

It is sitting so abundantly in our heart.
Let us share and care for our family, friends and strangers alike
if we get a cold shoulder, it is affecting not our soul
It affects the soul of the one giving the cold shoulder in a negative way.
His ego may get a false boost but we do not have to allow it to affect our own ego

Give love,
It sits abundantly in our heart.
If people react negatively because they themselves lack love,
Still give love
We have an abundance to share
Not long after we start to persistently to give the love,
our live will be sooooooooooo different.

Let us give up today
the lie of our ego to be stingy with the abundant love in our heart
let us start to live
the truth of our soul to share, share, share the abundant love in our heart
We will never regret it if we persist
and soon our live will be
soooooooooooo different.

The ones who are negative or do not respond
are the ones who  need our love most
So just keep giving from the abundance of your heart
Soon they will respond so differently and
our life will be soooooooooo different

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