Thursday, 23 October 2014

Refection 129 (how mad)

How mad can it get?

As if the IS movement is not doing enough harm to the image of Islam,
some more madness is added

Recently there had been organized an event with dogs by a Muslim for Muslims in KL.
The organizer has received multiple death threats!!!

How mad can it get?

Sending death threats to anyone who has different opinion...
How arrogantly can one choose to damage the image of religion?
Death threats, so called for the sake of religion...
How much further away can one get from our God?

The Quran is mentioning dogs 5 times in three passages without any mention of it being an unclean animal. Dogs were companions of the people of the cave which were good people. Opinions about dogs among scholars differ widely, even within this country. Why is it so difficult for some people to accept there is a wide difference in opinions about almost everything int his world? We certainly can defend our opinion, but still respect other people who can defend their own opinion, just as we defend ours.

Somehow we were made all different.
There must be a purpose. Indeed we can all learn from each other.

Some people think they know all already and have closed their mind for anything else than what is already in it. An extremely sad state of events that brings one far, far away from our Creator.

Death threats because people differ in opinion from you and they happen to profess the same religion as you???? How mad can it get????

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  1. I have been further reflecting on the above reflection
    Was I being intolerant myself
    I hate intolerance but if we become intolerant of intolerance we practice what we hate.
    I think it is quite complex. Tolerance is a principle many people choose to adhere to. Of course others have the right not to choose to adhere to this principle. Still, I think we have the right to condemn extreme intolerance and perhaps even the tolerance of the most convinced tolerance supporters should have some limits
    Am I confusing you. I think I am not too clear myself about it :)


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