Friday, 17 October 2014

Reflection 125 (powerful)


I had a meeting in Penang at the main campus of our University.
Usually I ask the steno of the place where I have the meeting to book a taxi to the airport after the meeting (the time of end of the meeting usually hard to predict). It takes usually quite some time for the taxi to arrive. This time I thought I will just walk to the road-side and find a taxi there. The campus is quite big and somehow I had taken a wrong turn. It seemed a very long way still to the main road. I thought for a while: Oh boy, I really should have asked the steno to call a taxi, at what time will I now be able to get one. And exactly at that time a car honked behind me. It was a taxi driver, asking me whether I needed a ride. One would never dream to catch a taxi within the campus. Many of you may think it is coincidence but I thought something powerful happened here.

After I landed close to midnight in Kelantan, I took my car that was parked in the airport. Just outside of the airport I saw a young man walking with a big backpack on his shoulders. I passed by him and thought about what had happened in Penang. I made a U-turn and gave him a ride to his home. This would otherwise never occur to me out of fear but somehow, something much more powerful was here at work. He may think it was a coincidence, but I think it was a powerful chain of events that started in Penang. 

What had happened in Penang, made me feel really lucky. What has happened in Kelantan made me feel even more lucky...

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