Friday, 3 October 2014

Reflection 115 (happiness)


Whatever our aim in our life,
Whether it is to be rich as Buffet
Beautiful as Angelina or Pitt
Whether it is professional success
going to that perfect vacation
or setting up that fantastic charity

we always expect that reaching the aim will bring us happiness
Is there any true success without happiness?

Not so long ago, I read a book written by a teacher,
titled, awakening brilliance.
It was a great book
The teacher started some of her lessons
by asking the students to share something about themselves.
One example she gave was the children sharing what truly makes them happy.

After reading the book I really reflected on what made me truly happy and
I managed to come with a small rhyme ( i am not sure it qualifies fully as a poem ):

I guess it was my auntie's fault
That before I was six years old
It were my looks that made me happy
She just never stopped praising me

Later when I went to school
I realised I was a bit of a fool
To be so proud about my looks
My happiness shifted towards my books

Oh yes, I studied so hard
Most kids and my teachers thought I was smart
Every time I came home with good grades
Wow, that is fantastic! I was praised

But then came the teenage years
Happiness depended on approval of peers
My marks did not earn me any admiration
My looks had undergone some deterioration

I had grown fat and puberty came late
I got pimples, making it all still less great
I had grown into quite an unpopular kid
Happiness? I seemed to grow far away from it

Throughout my youth however
There was a place, I was let down never
It was my home, it was the presence of mother
She cared for her kids, truly like no other

After puberty, my appearance improved a bit
Even though I am still not too proud of it
My grades allowed me to further my education
But happiness is another equation

I realise now that being fully happy
Is lying not so much outside of me
My biggest asset is still the care I received
Even though my mother has already deceased

She equipped me with a caring personality
and that is exactly what makes me happy
I get peace of mind while caring for another
Thanks to the great example of my loving mother

I have also appreciated my spiritual life
Imparted by mother and also my wife
When to our source, we try to connect
Life comes so close to being perfect

Another source of happiness has been
The magical beauty of nature, I 've seen
I love to spend time on the beach to unwind
That's where wisdom seems to pour in my mind

If I am allowed to summarise,
Since long I came to realise
That happiness is truly lying within after all
In wisdom, in love, in a beautiful soul.

You can find my other attempts at poetry at
I have written them under under an author name (Aufie Zophy)

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