Friday, 31 October 2014

Reflection 133 (listening to books)


Books are something so valuable to many people
But still, to a majority, that overwhelms the book lovers in great numbers,
books are not fully appreciated.

I love books, I love to read books.
But recently I also fell in love with audio-books.

Audiobooks are books read out aloud and recorded.
The voice is often the author and with voice (s)he can often give an extra dimension to the text.
When I drive I cannot read, not even a short SMS message from my wife, but I can listen to an audiobook.

I generally drive every day 30 minutes to my work and 30 minutes back. This means one hour of audiobooks. Truly enjoyable.

For everyone who had not yet discovered the joy of audiobooks, I recommend them warmly.
Audiobooks could help our youth as well to get exposed to a variety of written materials.
It may be a solution for our dyslexics. True enough, we have to help our dyslexics to be able to read but they may never enjoy reading books. Audiobooks may be of great help.

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