Friday, 10 October 2014

Reflection 121 (healing-story)

Healing story

I want to start with a story I read some time ago.
A wealthy merchant invited a Sufi Sheikh and a doctor for dinner
The merchant said to the Sheikh: "Oh Sheikh, I feel sad because my daughter is seriously ill. Can you say some prayers for her?". The Sheikh replied: "My  friend, I will recite the names of God which will cure her." The doctor:"Haha what a nonsense! With the progress of the science of healing, old fashioned people like you are holding back progress."

The Sheikh: "You donkey, what do you know about the power of prayer?"
The doctor became very angry and said: "How dare you call me such names?"
The Sheikh who kept his composure said: "Please forgive me. But if the word donkey can turn your face red, make your heart beat faster and increase your levels of adrenaline, surely then it is not nonsense to believe that the name of our Creator can have a healing effect"

This story is so good, I think. Words can indeed be very powerful.
Definitely prayer can have positive effects on the healing process.
A positive attitude by itself can have a healing effect
Positive belief, positive expectations and perhaps the helping hand of God.

Pray for your health, pray for strength, pray for your loved ones.

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