Saturday, 25 October 2014

The largest happy community

The largest happy community

This reflection starts with a real story:

There was a woman
She had a disabled child.
Taking care of the child was extremely stressful, tiring.
The husband could not take it any longer and just left.
The woman was alone, alone with her very abnormal child.

The woman had financial problems. She had no income.

The husband did not bother to pay anything, she herself had no job
Luckily she had some land on her name, which she could sell.
But the sale of the land took a very long time. No money
She had borrowed from most friends. Grew desperate.
Prayed so hard for help from our God

On a scheduled visit to the doctor of her child,

the doctor inquired about  the family and the social problems
She broke down in front of the doctor and sobbed bitterly
While tears were flowing, she explained she had borrowed about 2K
2K from loan sharks who were now threatening her.
The good doc organized a blitz collection among his colleagues 
and was capable of giving her the money she needed so badly

She thanked all who contributed profusely

and expressed her commitment to pay back 
as soon as the land sale was done.

Her prayers had been answered.
Our God had softened the heart of so many
The good doc had prayed in the morning to be a tool of our God's peace.
His prayers had been answered too.
Our God is answering prayers through people.

You think the Woman was happy?
Bet she was
You think the good Doc was happy?
Bet he was
You think the colleagues donating were happy?
Bet they were.

If we can create a community of people sincerely asking every morning to be made a tool of our God's peace,  I think every member will be able to the see and act on at least one one of the many opportunities that present to each of us every single day to help people. When we are used by our Creator to answer someone's prayer, we can find a deep peace of mind. Let us create the largest happy community in this world by just joining a group of people who pray every morning to be able to HELP.  Put your daily stories in the comments section of this blog and help the community grow fast.

The above story is not yet finished.

One of the docs who helped and had received 
the thank you message with the promise to pay back, 
had responded:
Please keep the money as long as you need it.
If you are comfortably capable of paying back, 
please do not pay to me but pass on the favor 
to someone praying to our God for help....

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