Saturday, 11 October 2014

Reflection 123 (one more cup)

One more cup

I remember so vividly the Saturday mornings, having breakfast with my mother.
We were sitting in the kitchen sharing stories and secrets and news and whatever came to our mind.
The moments I cherish now most are those when I was about to stand up from the table when my mom said: come, have just one more cup of coffee. I never could resist the invitation. Definitely I am a coffee lover and the steaming hot coffee my mother used to make was extremely nice. But the main reason I could never resist was the extremely loving company of my mother. Oh, these moments, these mornings in the weekends, I wish I could have just one more with her.

If your mom is still alive, go and have a wonderful breakfast with her next Saturday. I am sure you will love it and so will your mom...

Note: I tried to write this also in poem format (can click on it)

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