Thursday, 16 October 2014

Reflection 124 (meant to be good)

Meant to be good

This morning I had breakfast in a nice hotel in Penang.
The coffee was delicious, as was the bread and local delicacies.

Life somehow is meant to be good.
Immediately the opposing thought of 'what about all the misery in the world' comes to mind.
But let me first make the case for why it was meant to be good.

Can you imagine life 2000 years ago?
When it was dark outside, it was dark everywhere.
When it was cold outside, it was cold everywhere.
No books, life a struggle for survival, for food.

Can you imagine life 200 years ago.
I recommend you to read some novels of that time
No electricity, most places no running water
A pump of icy water and bucket as shower
A hole in the ground as toilet

And then compare to now.
What an evolution has been achieved!
Think about the most basic things as food, clean water
Think about possibilities for hygiene
Think about electricity, light, heaters, coolers, fans
Think about transportation
Think about radio and television
Think about computers, internet
Think about skype, and mobile phones whith highlly advanced cameras.

And then with all these tools in hand we have the opportunity to, on and off, pamper ourselves
in the glory of a wonderful sunrise, in a 5-star place, in the comfort of a nice car.

This evolution must be meant to go somewhere.
And never the complaints about "the world" were louder than now.

I think we have to blame for a big the deal the huge negativity in the media
Media focus on war and make war-makers the stars of the universe.
Can you imagine how important IS feels.
Whatever cruelty they commit fills the next day our living room through TV and newspaper or internet news.
Can you imagine how important the crooks and bandits feel.
How many % of the general population belong the crook and bandit type? 1%, 0.1% or 0.01%?
Yet the news is full with their "achievements"

Life is meant to be good.
It is time we switch off our hunger for sensationalized news.
If we stop looking, if we stop buying the news, if we start demanding a different kind of news-makers, we can make a change.

Life is meant to be good.
We have to create time for ourselves to enjoy on and off.
We have to make ourselves strong enough to be able to put aside our problems and worries for a short while to make some time to fully enjoy the goodness of life itself.

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