Monday, 20 October 2014

reflection 128 (sweet)


I was reading to day a piece of James Allen the famous author of "as a man thinketh"
What i read today contains some serious wisdom, I think:

"Sweet are companionships, pleasures, and
material comforts, but they change and
fade away. Sweeter still are Purity, Wisdom,
and the knowledge of Truth, and these
never change nor fade away.

He who attained to the possession of
spiritual things can never be deprived of
his source of happiness; he will never have
to part company with it, and wherever he
goes in the whole universe, he will carry
his possessions with him. His spiritual
end will be the fulness of joy. "

I think this among the greatest wisdom that is beyond the awareness of so many people
The sweet pleasures of life are giving us pleasure for a while and then fade away into nothing
The spiritual things are a source of happiness that does not fade away.

It is ok to strive for comfort..
But comfort without spirit is not comfortable for very long.
Keep up humanity and spirit.

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